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I began using this product when it was first released. The results were wonderful. In the beginning, the product was shipped timely and payments were regularly auto deducted from my account. However, in the last year, the company continued withdrawing from my account, but I received NO PRODUCT. I was repeatedly told there is a backlog. Finally, I stopped payments. Six months ago, I was told that the company changed distributors and things were back to normal. Unfortunately, the same thing happened; auto withdrawals with no product. What is... Read more

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I purchased products from this company, January 2015. Two weeks later the products were returned for credit because they did not produce the desired results as was specified by the company's advertisement. I received credit for the returned products. I also requested that the company stop billing me for products I did not want. A recent check of my online banking statement, March 4, 2016, disclosed that RX for Brown Skin withdrew $49.11 from my account without my permission. I contacted Rx for Brown Skin for an explanation. I was told to... Read more

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I purchased the starter kit sometime ago, due to hyperpigmentation.I applied as directed. Several days in, I began to have multiple acne break outs, so I discontinued using. Just a few day ago, I decided to try it again. Just as before, I am again experiencing acne break outs. Can a representative from this company give me some advice as what to do, because I really want to give it a fair chance to help with hyperpigmentation, which is very embarrassing within itself. Thank you in advance Read more

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I ordered the products several times, and I always received my order. I especially loved the Advanced Botanical Brightener. I recommended the product line in 2015 to a friend who received her two orders without a problem. I am sorry to hear that people have not been getting their products. I hope the internal problems within the ordering and supply divisions can be resolved soon. I need some more of the Advanced Botanical Brightener because it is working on my face, especially my forehead. Read more

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I was suffering from breakouts through my teens and adult life. I went online searching for a skin care product and ran across Rx for brown skin. Started using the product and it has worked miracles for my skin. My skin never looked or felt any healthier until I stated using the product. I hate that y'all have stop selling Rx for brown skin. Add comment

I received this product for several years every other month. They were taking the payments by automatic withdrawal. Within the last several months no product has been received and they stopped abruptly taking payments out of my account. No letter and no information has been given by the company. I liked the product. I had to call a representative at the company to find out the problem. The representative informed me that no shipments were being sent at the time and they did not know when they will resumed! Read more

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For all you who are having trouble receiving your orders. Over the summer when trying to place an order I was having trouble on the website so I called. I was told by the representative around July that they were discontinuing the product. She informed me that most items would be $5 because of this (which it was). Instead ordering the kit just order the items separately as it would be cheaper. She informed me to stock up because they would be selling he products until they were gone. I asked why wasn't anything sent out informing customers... Read more

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Rx for brown skin ran out of product, does not know when they are going to receive more product and failed to tell their monthly membership customers. What kind of professional company does this? If I had not called customer service I would not have known why I didn't receive my products? Add comment

It took me two months to receive my purchase and every time I spoke to a sales representative they always gave me a different reason why and when I asked to speak to the supervisor he was always too busy to answer my call. I sent an email message to the supervisor and still never received any response. I received my product a product at a time and one was totally wrong. I called back to see if they could accommodate me for all the mistakes and the long wait, I've still have'nt got an answer other then we are not taking orders now. Read more

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I've used the product a few years ago when it first came out and it was the only thing that worked for my skin. I stopped using it after a few years and after awhile began to breakout while lead to dark marks. I've tried TWICE to order new products but have been given the run around. The first time I ordered one of their kits in 2014 I waited two months and received nothing. I finally cancelled my order. This time I gave it less than a week before cancelling because I was already being told their was a hold up with one of the products on... Read more

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